To Share the Gospel

Recently, one of the missionaries we help in India sent the following story in his report.  I will not repeat the entire report, but only a portion which caught my eye (I will avoid naming the missionary or the city, as many Christians have been killed in India, beaten to death by militant Hindus or Muslims, and he has asked that we not publish his name):

We held a Gospel meeting in a part of a large city.  After the service, we had a few Bibles in their dialect to distribute.  Five men came forward.  My helper would call their name, and I would present the Bible.  Then, there were five women who asked for a Bible.  We used the same procedure.  As the last woman stepped forward, my helper and I both happened to look at her, and notice that both her eyes were white, as if covered with cataracts.  She was totally blind, and could not possibly read the Bible!  Evidently, she sensed our confusion, and blurted out something that I could not understand.  My helper smiled broadly, announced her name and signaled me to give her the Bible, which I did.  Later, he told me that she had said, “Yes, I am blind.  But, if I have a Bible, someone can read the precious words to me.”

This caused me to remember the story another friend who was with the Embassy in Moscow told about how one Russian man had hidden in the wheel well of an airplane and had flown 1500 miles to get a Bible.  He then hid himself again in the wheel well, risking death a second time, to take the Bible home.

These stories made me think about us here in the United States.  Almost every home in the USA has a Bible, whether it is ever opened or not.  Does it strike you as strange that, with the abundance of Bibles here, we move further and further from God, while there are others who have to risk life and limb to get a Bible will do so?  Or who find the Word of God so precious that they ask for a Bible so they can get someone else to read it to them?  Why do we not value the Word of God as these did?

What say ye?

2 Responses to “To Share the Gospel”

  1. That’s some powerful examples!

  2. Thanks, Eugene. It is sad we have changed so much.